Whole30 Week 2

Whole30 Week 2

This post is a little tardy but here is a quick summary of what we ate during Whole30 Week 2. This time things have been much easier and we are definitely branching out more and having fun with new sauces like the Whole30 mayonnaise, salad dressings and stock. I think we know the basics and what we need to do to “survive” so we are having more fun trying to fit yummy food in the Whole30 box. And boy, have we been eating well!

Let’s get started…

Day 9:

Breakfast – Scrambled backyard-fresh eggs with parsley and onions, half a mango and bacon

Whole30 Week 2

Snack – Hand full of almonds

Lunch – Warmed homemade turkey broth to drink with leftover steak and a boiled backyard-fresh egg

Whole30 Week 2

Dinner – We went to a friend’s house that is also doing Whole30 this month. We brought a couple of sides and they made meat and a side. It was a great dinner. But I forgot to rake a picture, whoops!

Ribs marinated in a dried cherry glaze that was then turned into a Whole30 compliant BBQ sauce. Brussels sprouts with bacon, asparagus salad and sweet potato fries with a garlic aioli


Day 10:

Breakfast: Blackberries – It was not the most filling breakfast but I was in a hurry this morning to get to church.

Lunch – Burger with lettuce bun and leftover asparagus salad

Snack – Ramekin of mixed nuts

Dinner – Salmon over spinach with sweet potato fries and garlic aioli

Whole30 Week 2


Day 11:

Breakfast – Leftover onions, red peppers, arugula and steak with a fried backyard-fresh-egg

Whole30 Week 2

Snack – Lemon Lara Bar – Before doing Whole30, neither Chris nor I was a fan of these bars, not sure if it was the sugary treats we were used to or what but we are both huge fans now and we have boxes sent on a monthly basis from Amazon. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime, especially because Charlie has also become quite the fan and can take down more than one at a time if you let him! But seriously, these are a great on the go snack and I have learned to keep a couple in my bag and the car for emergency moments when I need something immediately.

Whole30 Week 2

Lunch – Leftover Salmon, spinach, sweet potato fries and aioli

Snack – two handfuls of almonds

Dinner – Pan-seared duck breast, marinated grilled Portobello mushrooms, artichokes and roasted beets – This was Chris’s birthday dinner that he made himself.

Whole30 Mayonnaise

Day 12:

Breakfast – Hard-boiled backyard fresh egg and fruit cup with strawberries, banana, pineapple and blackberries

Whole30 Week 2

Snack – Mixed nuts

Lunch – Leftover pan-seared duck with marinated grilled Portobello mushrooms, and roasted beets

Snack – Lara lemon bar

Whole30 Week 2

Dinner – Burger with lettuce, tomato, onions and mushrooms, with half an avocado and homemade Whole30 mayo on the side

Whole30 Week 2

Day 13:

Breakfast – Backyard fresh hard-boiled egg and handful of cashews

Lunch – Grilled chicken breast with half an avocado and small side salad

Dinner – Eggs with red peppers and onions

Snack – Figs and nuts

Day 14:

Breakfast – Fruit cup with blackberries, strawberries and banana with a hard-boiled backyard fresh egg

Snacks – Nuts and Lara Apple Pie bar

Lunch – Grilled chicken breast with half an avocado and small side salad

Snack – Apple

Dinner – Burger with homemade Whole30 mayo, onions and mushrooms and homemade sweet potato fries with a side of garlic aioli

Whole30 Week 2

*I was starving all day and was ready to throw in the towel. It was not that I wanted something sweet as we actually had a birthday party at work and there was cake but it was not a temptation at all. I wanted to go out to eat and have a burger on a bun or something like that to satisfy me or that was how I was feeling. But I made it through and had a fantastic burger at home and was not sorry at all!

Day 15:

Breakfast – Hard boiled egg and fruit

Lunch – ½ a burger with a half an avocado and sweet potato fries with grilled onions on the side

Whole30 Week 2

Snack – Nuts

Dinner – Chicken fajita salad with lettuce, red peppers, onions and homemade dressing

Whole30 Week 2

Two weeks down and only two more to go. So far so good. I feel great and I am really enjoying Whole30 this time around. I had a moment during the week where I wanted to quit but I think that is normal. We have quite a few new recipes to add and make sure you come back next week for Whole30 Week 3.

Any tips you want to share with me? Any good recipes I need to try this week?

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