Smile: Charlie is One

Charlie is one

I can not believe it has already been a year and Charlie is now one year old! There are many things to reflect on when I think back on the past year of my life learning to raise a little boy, but I have just one quick thought before this day is done.  This year has had its up’s, down’s, and many sleepless nights (as every year with a newborn has) but there has been one thing that has been constant, no matter how tired or weary I have been. It has been the one thing that has blessed me and was given to me, especially me, as a way to see life in a new way — Charlie’s smile. My boy can smile. It is a contagious and light-up-a-room smile. It is real and it infects you when you see it. When Charlie grins, you can’t help but grin back.  It is a gift and I pray that this smile leads him through his life. Charlie has brought our family so much joy this past year and I pray that as he grows and matures, we are able to love and guide him, as parents, to be a strong and loving man of God behind that amazing smile.

Charlie's birthday


Happy Birthday, Charlie! May you always smile so big and may your heart be ready for every adventure life brings your way! We love you!

Char family birthday

Details to follow later on Charlie’s birthday meal and homemade cake.

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