From the beginning…

Isn’t that where you start something like this?!?

From the beginning?

But where exactly would that be. How do I tell you my story? Our story? I mean seriously, have you met us, we have a story. And if I do say so myself, it is a pretty good one, but that would be jumping ahead and sharing all the dirt before you have paid your dues and gotten to know us and we become friends. Because we will become friends!  So I guess we start right where we are now and hopefully in time, as you follow along, you will get to know us. So this is the beginning.

We are a family. A foodie family. Seriously, how many kids can say they had duck for their first birthday meal? And then were video taped before their second birthday saying, “Mmmmm… It’s good. I like pâté “.  This was not our plan, or at least definitely NOT MINE! When Chris and I met, my idea of fine dining was hitting a local chain for a meal and it usually involved a vat of ketchup or sour cream on everything or buying a roll of cookie dough from the store for some yummy treats. But in the past eight years that all has changed and boy, have my eyes been opened.  And I will never look back.

My husband, Chris, comes from a different background and his love of food and all things cooking goes back to when he was seven. He has loved food as long as he can remember and with years in the restaurant industry under his belt and his current job working in the outdoor kitchen and grill industry, his culinary passions and gifts have only continued to grow. Chris will be the one getting all technical on you and giving you all the details on how it is done. He is big on the fundamentals. So be prepared to learn techniques and “how to’s” so you are then set free to play with food and flavor.  And boy are you in for some treats. He is good. REALLY GOOD. Trust me, I know how spoiled I am to get to eat all his wonderful cuisine.

We are a family with two little’s under the age of two. Get ready to meet Stew and Pie. And we also have a dog and four chickens. Wow! We sound exciting already, right? We live in a downtown urban environment in a house that will soon be 100 years old. We are doing the best we can to raise our kids to love good, quality food and be adventurous whenever possible in the things they eat. We try to eat clean and want our kids to do the same. Chris has been the baby food making machine (except for the breastfeeding) for the past few years. And he has made IT ALL! With the exception of a few organic squeeze pouches, we have made all their food and are proud of it! It may sound overwhelming and tedious, but it has been easy and wonderful knowing where each and every morsel that our kids have eaten has come from. And while we are no authority on parenting or raising kids, we are trying our darnedest to raise kind and respectful kids. So manners are big in our house. And what better place to teach these lessons than around a table!

For years, I have wanted to start a blog. I have had idea after idea but never knew where to start. That is just it isn’t it? Where do you start? I am creative and I am a dreamer. I am one who sees endless possibilities and let’s face it, I am the reason we are living in this big ol’ fixer upper house. So in addition to food, there will also be some sharing of the projects that I enjoy. And by projects, we mean pretty much anything, because lets face it, I have never met an old piece of furniture on the side of the road that I didn’t see potential in or that couldn’t be “fixed” with a little paint. And don’t get me started on many of the “treasures” in my craft room! You never know when you may need an old egg carton or broken picture frame!

So as Chris and I were sitting here this summer talking about our life, it all finally clicked. This is how Stirring Stew was born. BITE by BITE we will share with you about our family, food journey and the projects we tackle. This is nothing fancy or put on. It is just us, living our life and beginning to share it with you.

And on that note, I will leave you with a very candid shot of us last week celebrating our wedding anniversary.

So blessed and excited about new beginnings! Taking it one step at a time. Bite by bite, with our food and with our life.

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