1, 2, 3… Jump!


So here I am 3 years later… and ready to blog again. Too many things have happened to “catch up” on so I am just going to jump back in and update as I go. I know that this time I will be writing about more than just food. This blog will share our life, the stories and the crazy world that I am living in with my husband and now three kids.

At the park this week I was watching my one year old jump. She loves to jump and I mean really jump. We have never had a child be so young and actually have the coordination to jump. Usually they are doing some sort of butt sticking out slide thing off of whatever surface they are trying to “jump” from. You know what I am talking about where they either barely miss the edge some how or their rear gets caught on the edge and they hit hard. Well, this child is different. She gets it and she loves it. At some point during the day she finds something to stand on and you can here her saying 3,4,7… jump. Or some other number sequential that is not in the right order but when you hear the numbers being yelled, you know she is about to take off from somewhere and JUMP.

So she was jumping at the park. And jumping off anything. No fear, just joining. Jumping from heights taller than she is and just laughing and having fun. Complete abandon. I realized in watching her joy that I need to jump more. I need to let go and jump. Maybe not physically because I am sure these knees and ankles could use a little conditioning strength training right now but in more of the spiritual and emotional areas, I need to put myself out there and jump. I need to take some of the wild abandon my one year old has and let go. Over the past few months I have been dipping my toes into the world of meditation and mindfulness and before you get turned off by those “buzz words” as I know in the past I would have been, it has really made a huge difference for me. I have seen so many positive changes through exploring my own meditation practice that I feel like I am at a place where I am starting to see some really positive changes. I haven’t figured it all out yet but I am daily seeing how just quieting my mind even for five minutes is having a huge impact and I feel like I am ready to share some of those experiences and our life again. Maybe this will just help myself … or maybe it will speak to someone else out there who has also been struggling and holding back but is now ready to JUMP too!




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